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Direct Mail Response Rates Vs. Email



Direct Mail has a higher rate of being read vs E-mail.

Here are some reason why...

The response rate for direct mail is typically 2% to 4%. 

Bad Fact:  That means 89% to 96% of the people you pay to send a direct mail to don't respond or do anything.

Good Fact:  Most consumers actually look at their mail when they pick it up, this gives your consumers "an opportunity to see" your message and offers.  EDDM works like a billboard advertisment. We design it so it catched their attention  and registers in less then 3 seconds. Jumbo EDDM postcards are more likely to "get noticed" since most mail comes in #10 envelopes.

The typical response rate for direct mail is 3.4% for a EDDM mailings.  Source: Direct Marketing Association.

Response rates are higher if you're mailings are done with WePrintEDDM.com. The typical response rate from our past mailings are 9% to 23% but if you mail consistently those rates increase significantly. 

Here are 2 points we make sure your...
1. Every door direct mail has a clear "Call to Action"

2. Postcard has a benefit and deadline stated in your offer to create a sense of urgency for the customer/prospect