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Fulfillment FAQ

When will my WePrintEDDM mail piece be delivered? Find answers to frequently asked questions about WePrintEDDM’s fulfillment process.

Questions About Preparing and Uploading Your Art Work

I've created an WePrintEDDM account, customized my mail piece and selected my carrier routes. Now what?

Let us take care of everything else! As part of our all-inclusive approach to Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®), WePrintEDDM takes care of all of the printing, the paperwork, the bundling and the postage — to ensure that your order is processed and sent quickly.

  • Printing – We prepare your WePrintEDDM mail pieces for printing. All EDDM® mail pieces meet the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) specified format and include the appropriate postal indicia and recipient endorsement.
  • Bundling – We bundle your mail pieces and complete the appropriate postal paperwork and facing slips required for delivery.
  • Mailing – We ship your mail pieces to the local post office via Priority Mail.

Can I upload a mailing list?

No. The EDDM® service uses a simplified addressing format (for example, "Local Postal Customer") that saves you the expense of purchasing or renting a mailing list. No specific names or addresses are printed on the mail pieces. Since carrier routes are used, you cannot apply list criteria, such as income, home value, or children in the home.

How do I select where I want to send my WePrintEDDM mail piece?

The WePrintEDDM website makes it easy for you to define your geographic target audience. After creating your mail piece, use the point-and-click, geo-targeting tool to handpick the ZIP codes and carrier routes you want your campaign to reach. If you wish to target your geographic area even further, use the map to select and de-select specific neighborhoods and carrier routes. There is no easier way to target your mailing areas online!

With WePrintEDDM, do I have to take the mail pieces to the local post office myself?

No legwork is left to you, unless you want us to. You have the option to have them mailed to you or WePrintEDDM can handle the mailing for you.

Once I place my order, how long does it take for my EDDM campaign to be delivered?

It takes approximately 10 days for your campaign to be processed. For estimating when your campaign will reach recipients, please allow USPS delivery time (5 mailing days). Order placed after the daily 2pm deadline will begin processing the next business day.

Can you guarantee my WePrintEDDM mail campaign will be delivered by a specific date?

No. The estimated timeframe that it takes for your WePrintEDDM mail piece to be delivered is 6-10 days.* Guaranteed delivery by a specific date is not available. However, we can provide proof as to when your campaign entered the mail stream upon request.

*WePrintEDDM prints, processes and mails all orders to the local post office within ten days. The average time it takes the USPS to deliver your mailing is three days or more.