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How EDDM works

USPS Postage for 17.6¢ and no mailing list!

We can help you target hundreds even thousands (depending on your package) of potential local customers, who could be just a block away, or up to any mile circumference that you choose, and how many people that you want to reach.

Using fifteen years of direct mail and marketing experience, our creative team can develop an amazingly creative postcard that drives sales to your business. If you already have a designed postcard we can help save you plenty with our printing rates.

Pick one of three bundle packages we offer. - Print, count & bundle, prepare paperwork and deliver to designated post office. - Print, count & bundle, prepare paperwork and ship it to you. - Print and ship it to you.

We can deliver to your designated post office or choose to deliver it yourself.

Find out what can be your ROI (Return of Investment)?

First Step: Input your campaign info
Number of postcards to mail

Total campaign costs: $

Expected postcard response rate %

Expected sales conversion rate %

Expected average spending per customer $

Second Step:

Third Step: Get your results
Number of responses Cost per response: $
Number of buyer from campaign Cost per customer: $
Total campaign revenue generated $ Cost per piece: $

Return on Investment:


Find out how many people your brand can reach?

Its free and easy. (Give us 12 to 24 hrs to email your report)

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