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How can I contact WePrintEDDM? Can I get a discount? Find answers to other frequently asked questions about EDDM® and WePrintEDDM.

Miscellaneous Questions Asked About EDDM® and WePrintEDDM

Under Contact Us, the phone number (215) 592-0707 is listed. Is this a toll-free phone number?

No. This is the direct line to our customer service.

Where can I find promotional offers and coupon codes for WePrintEDDM products?

WePrintEDDM sends out specials via all its social media outlets or email subscribers. If you would like to follow our pages for discounts please go to:

Facebook Google Plus Instagram

What if I want to conduct a direct mail campaign that targets a specific type of individual?

If you are interested in reaching a specific demographic or "type" of individual (people with children, married couples, women, home values, etc.) using a mailing list, give us a call and we can build a list for you for a fee.

Direct mail lists makes sense for small businesses that wish to reach particular individuals, not just a household. Similar to WePrintEDDM, direct mail list requests are a turnkey service designed specifically for small businesses trying to target the idea customer.

What is your Privacy Policy?

WePrintEDDM respects your privacy. To learn more visit the Privacy Policy section of our website.