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Pricing FAQ

How affordable is an EDDM® promotional mail campaign? Get answers to common questions about WePrintEDDM’s all-inclusive pricing structure.

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How much does it cost to send postcards or flyers with WePrintEDDM?

We bundle all of our services (print, preparation, postage and delivery) into one low cost per piece based on the quantity you send. When mailing in large quantities, your costs can be as low as $.29 cents per piece - everything included! It's simply the best deal you'll find when shopped and compared.

What is included in WePrintEDDM's unit cost?

We are an all-inclusive service. Our unit cost is based on your quantity and the EDDM postcard or flyer you chose. The price includes everything: printing, required bundling and paperwork, postage and mailing.

What is your guarantee?

WePrintEDDM provides complete, turnkey services. We print your customized product, prepare the pieces for mail, and deliver your items to the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). We mail customers a sample of the printed piece as it was entered into the USPS mail system.

If you question the completion of our services, we can provide a copy of the Postage Statement that was submitted to the USPS when your order was mailed. We can also provide tracking details of the trays that were sent to local post office locations. We cannot grant refunds or credits for quality products that were properly delivered to the postal system in a timely and complete fashion.