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WePrintEDDM Products FAQ

What kinds of products do you offer that are EDDM® compatible? Get answers to common questions about WePrintEDDM postcardsand flyers.

Answers to Common Questions About WePrintEDDM Postcards and Flyers

What kind of products does WePrintEDDM offer that are EDDM® compatible?

WePrintEDDM supports two versatile lines of EDDM® compliant products – postcards and flyers – each available in two different sizes. WePrintEDDM postcards are a great way to grab your audience's attention with a special offer, while WePrintEDDM flyers let you expand your story and provide more in-depth information.

What can be edited on your products?

Just about everything! You can edite and customize our WePrintEDDM postcards and WePrintEDDM flyers with your company information and promotional messages. We offer a selection of EDDM® compatible design templates that allow you to either customize all image areas on the front and back of the mail piece with your own photos and then add your own message in the copy blocks provided. We also have an assortment of postcard and flyer design templates that have industry-specific images already in place - the only thing you need to add is your message. If you like, you may also upload your own art work.

Can I use my own art work?

Yes. If you already have your creative files prepared, you can upload the files (in PDF format) during the checkout process. Please make sure your files are sized to our products offered.

How can I preview what my final printed mail piece will look like?

Our EDDM experts will email you a proof asking you for approval for print. Simply submit the during check out and you will recieve an emailed proof with in 24 hrs or less.

What sort of print quality can I expect?

The WePrintEDDM all-inclusive service includes high-quality printing at an affordable price:

Can I get a printed sample of the product I ordered?

Yes. WePrintEDDM can mail a printed sample to the address provided with your WePrintEDDM account. You can expect to receive this via USPS mail approximately 1-2 weeks after the piece has been printed.

Unlike traditional direct mail campaigns that use names and addresses, you can''t add yourself to the mailing list. Since carrier routes are used — not a list of specific individuals — you will not receive a copy unless you live within the designated delivery area, as defined by USPS carrier routes.

Can WePrintEDDM mail materials that I had printed already?

No. We cannot distribute mail pieces that you had printed elsewhere. The WePrintEDDM program is all-inclusive, meaning we print and mail everything for you.