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Top Ten FAQ

What is EDDM®? Do I need a mailing permit? Find answers to the top 10 questions WePrintEDDM customers ask about Every Door Direct Mail®.

The Most Popular EDDM Questions We Receive

1. Can I get a printed sample from the EDDM campaign I ordered?

Yes. We understand it's important for you to see and feel your mailer the same as your recipients would. So we're happy to send you a sample. All you have to do is request a hard proof during the checkout process. Look for it to reach you in a few days.

2. What is EDDM®?

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a program the US Postal Service (USPS) introduced in 2011 to make direct mail more affordable, particularly for small businesses. It eliminates the need for a mailing list or permit and the postage is significantly reduced - less than half the cost of standard postage! It's a game-changing, powerful way for small businesses to "go local" and reach every door of any neighborhood, every time. See the benefits of EDDM here.

3. Do you offer any training on how to get started and ensure success with EDDM®? 

Yes! We’ve developed a series of learning videos to do just that. Additionally, our well-trained EDDM® specialists are always happy to assist you every step of the way. You can reach them by phone at (215) 592-0707 or email at sales@weprintedd.com. Check our helpful blog as well.

4. Before I can place my order, I need to get someone at WePrintEDDM to review my postcard or flyerdesign. Can I have my EDDM mailer reviewed?

Yes. After your designs are completed, send your EDDM design to sales@weprintedd.com and one of our experts in EDDM marketing will review your EDDM postcard.

5. Can WePrintEDDM mail materials that I had printed already?

No. We cannot distribute mail pieces that you had printed elsewhere. The WePrintEDDM program is all-inclusive, meaning we print and mail everything for you.

6. How much does it cost to send postcards or flyers with WePrintEDDM?

We bundle all of our services (print, preparation, postage and delivery) into one low cost per piece based on the quantity you send. When mailing in large quantities, your costs can be as low as $.32 cents per piece - everything included! It's simply the best deal you'll find when shopped and compared.

7. What is included in WePrintEDDM's unit cost?

We are an all-inclusive service. Our unit cost is based on your quantity and the EDDM postcard or flyer you chose. The price includes everything: printing, required bundling and paperwork, postage and mailing.

8. Do I need a mailing permit to use WePrintEDDM?

No. You do not need to apply for a mailing permit as you are mailing through EDDM Retail (the Do-it-Yourself path).

9. With WePrintEDDM, do I have to take the mail pieces to the local post office myself?

No legwork is left to you unless you opt out of our all inclusive service. WePrintEDDM handles all of the printing, bundling, paperwork, postage and mailing for you, entering your EDDM campaign directly into the USPS mail stream. Otherwise you may just orde your postcards and we can mail them to you and you can process them yourself. If you need help with this process as well, we are available to give you guidence.

10. Once I place my order, how long does it take for my EDDM campaign to be delivered?

It takes approximately 10 days for your campaign to be delivered to the post office for processing. Once it reached the post office is will take anywhere between 3 to 5 days once in the system. The reason for this is that EMMD is catergorized as bulk mail and not priority. For estimating when your campaign will reach recipients, please allow for both WePrintEDDM production (10 business days) and USPS delivery time (3 to 5 mailing days). Order placed after the daily 2pm deadline will begin processing the next business day.